John Clare Page:
Articles & Essays

Ronald Blythe, Clare in Hiding 
(Talking About John Clare [Nottingham: Trent Books, 1999], 39-47).

Richard Cronin, In Place and Out of Place: Clare in The Midsummer Cushion
(John Clare: New Approaches [Helpston: John Clare Society, 2001], 133-148).

Tim Fulford, Cowper, Wordsworth, Clare: The Politics of Trees  
(John Clare Society Journal, 14: 1995, 47-59).

John Goodridge, Poor Clare  
(The Guardian, July 22, 2000). 

Mina Gorji, Clare and Community: The ‘Old Poets’ and the London Magazine 
(John Clare: New Approaches [Helpston: John Clare Society, 2001], 47-63).

Gary Harrison, 'Ambitions Projects': Peasant and Poet in John Clare's 'The Wish' and 'Helpstone'
(John Clare Society Journal,
17: 1998, 41-58).

Hugh Haughton, Revision and Romantic Authorship: The Case of Clare 
(John Clare Society Journal, 17: 1998, 65-73).

Sarah Houghton, ‘Some little thing of other days / Saved from the wreck of time’: John Clare and Festivity
(John Clare Society Journal, 23: 2004, 21-43).
Gillian Hughes, 'I think I shall soon be qualified to be my own editor': Peasant Poets and the Control of Literary Production
(John Clare Society Journal, 22: 2003, 6-16).

Bridget Keegan, Broadsides, Ballads and Books: The Landscape of Cultural Literacy in 'The Village Minstrel' 
(John Clare Society Journal, 15: 1996, 11-19).

Simon Kövesi, Masculinity, Misogyny and the Marketplace: Clare's 'Don Juan A Poem'
(John Clare: New Approaches [Helpston: John Clare Society, 2001], 187-201). 
Simon Kövesi, Beyond the Language Wars: Towards a Green Edition of John Clare
(John Clare Society Journal, 26: 2007, 61-75).
Richard Mabey, Nature's Voyeurs 
(The Guardian, March 15, 2003).

Ian Waites, 'The prospect far and wide': An Eighteenth-Century Drawing of Langley Bush and Helpston's Unenclosed Countryside
(John Clare Society Journal, 28: 2009, 5-22).

Sam Ward, Clare in Fashion
(John Clare Society Journal, 21: 2002, 33-51).


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